Nixus Web Solutions

Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting & Online Marketing.

About Nixus Web Solutions

Nixus Web Solutions provides web hosting, web development, design, SEO and eCommerce for small to medium-sized businesses in Tasmania, a wide variety of services to cater to a multitude of business needs.

Whether you need a web hosting solution for your new website, or you are looking to redesign your existing website, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Web Hosting

We provide WordPress web hosting and cPanel hosting.

Web Projects

We provide a real-time task list for all our web projects.

Social Media


Setup and manage social media profiles for your business.

Domain Names

We provide domain name registration and management.

Online Shops


Sell your products online and in person. Ask us how.



Market Research & Keyword Research for local businesses.

Do you want a website without any major upfront cost?

$59 a month? That's right! You can now get your own website, with hosting and domain included, for a super affordable monthly fee.

Industry Experience

Nixus Web Solutions is also an online marketing agency with extensive experience in the online world.

They have the knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business. They do this by learning everything about your business and what it does. They then provide you with the best advice possible to help you grow your business.

The great thing about Nixus Web Solutions is that they help you with your business, no matter what it is and where it operates. They can help you grow your business in Tasmania or help you expand into the mainland.

Project Tasklists

You get a live task list you can monitor and interact with in real time.

Complete support

We're committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Web Solution for Any Online Business Model

Nixus Web Solutions is a business that focuses on building websites. We help clients improve their online presence by creating a custom website for them. We create sleek and beautiful websites that seamlessly integrate with your business, allowing you to easily update your website and to keep your customers engaged. We work with you to create a website that is unique and custom, and that will be the perfect online representation of your business.

Want to see web development packages?

Nixus Web Solutions offers pre-built templates or custom built templates for web development projects. You can use our hosting or use your own web server.

Common Services From Nixus

Every client is unique but some services remain the same.

WordPress Website

Extensive Website Audit

Digital Marketing Retainer

Nixus Web Solutions Is Your Web Guy

We're the right fit for you if you want to work with developers, not sales people. We're a small development agency that focuses on web and mobile development.

We're not in it to make a quick buck, but to build long-term relationships with our clients. And we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy. If you want someone to handle your project, we can do that. If you want someone to teach you how to do it, we can do that too. If you want us to handle the project and teach you how to do it yourself, we can do that.

Local interaction

Local to Hobart, prompt on email replies and punctual for meetings.


Search Engine Marketing

A specialisation in technical SEO is what makes Nixus Web Solutions unique from the others.

Setting Goals

Key Performance Indicators such as goals using Analytics is a great way to see progress.

Fast Hosting

Web hosting included in some of the web development packages.

Rank Ahead of Larger Players

Nixus is all about giving the little players a leg up to compete against the larger players.

This doesn't only create more jobs within our local Tasmanian economy, it forces the larger players that may be holding majority market share and providing a poor service to either up their game or lose clients.

Local/Regional SEO

Do you want tourists to find you? How about potential customers on the mainland?

On-Time Delivery

I will work hard to deliver web projects on time, this ensures your launch isn't pushed back.

Have You Been Hacked?​

Are you still running from an old web server that isn't using encryption? You're being left behind as 2021 will be the year the world tightens up on cybersecurity.

some Client reviews and their Experience

Nixus is very knowledgeable when it comes to technical SEO and coding the backend of WordPress. They fixed my hacked website within 3 hours and made it secure so it can't be hacked again. 


Shop Owner

After shopping around I went with Nixus because they're local to Hobart and can come meet me in my workplace. Built a website and ranked it within 6 months, now I'm growing the business.


Sole Trader