Who Runs Nixus?

My name is Nick Cavarretta and I am a sole trader, run Nixus Web Solutions and am local to Hobart, Tasmania.

I specialise in digital marketing and web technologies with over 20 years of experience. I have certifications from popular companies such as Google, IBM, cPanel, CISCO, Hubspot and SEMrush.

You can see me as a project manager with strong IT skills rolled up into a web and marketing specialist that can code in multiple computer languages. In a non technical term, I’m a massive nerd when it comes to computers and the internet, I always have been.

Nixus Web Solutions solves the issue of small businesses being overcharged or upsold by web and marketing agencies. In most cases if a small business wants to be online they don’t need to pay for an entire team to be located in town, it is much more affordable and convenient to use a single consultant with a large skill set. I provide services such as domain registration, web and email hosting, IT support, web development, digital marketing and SEO.

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Stages Of Online Business

I have a large skillset with over 20 years experience…

Domain And Hosting

Website Creation

Digital Marketing

Cyber Security

I have always been extremely passionate about Cybersecurity, going all the way back to high school in the late 90's. It is something that has been talked about a lot in recent years, which is great to bring awareness to what is achievable by threat actors, but the fact is we really have sacrificed a lot of security and privacy for convenience. Which is why the internet will never be completely safe and cybersecurity is just a game of whack a mole but with computers.

The biggest learning curve for me in my marketing career was understanding the psychology behind consumer behavior, which is used in both traditional marketing and digital marketing. We had to figure these things out for ourselves back then and called it Common Sense Analysis, which today I believe actually has a legit name called UX Design.

I see many businesses really embracing the digital world, but it has become complicated over time, and with web3 on the horizon a lot of small businesses will be left behind once again. As the internet and technology becomes more complex, people become lazy and are more vulnerable to being hacked.

Many people and businesses will be faced with major security threats in the near future, it is already starting if you look in the right places. The solution right now is only available for enterprise and often out of reach for small businesses. It is a good idea to start forgetting about the phrase “it won’t happen to me” or “I have nothing to be hacked” because hacks are mostly always a non-targeted attack and everyone has an identity, so there is always a risk.


Like Networking With Small Business Owners?

To be the independent voice for Small to Medium Business within the bounds of Greater Hobart covering 7 councils – Hobart, Kingborough, Glenorchy, Brighton, Clarence, Derwent Valley and Sorell.

We will contribute to creating and maintaining the best environment for small business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart Locale.