About Nixus

The mission for Nixus is to help small businesses in Tasmania compete against the larger groups.

My Mission

Nixus is a play on the word Nexus which means “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.”

The goals for Nixus is a simple one, connecting sole traders within Tasmania and offering a quality product cheaper than an agency. 

The Nixus Skillset

It's all good and well to say, web dev this and SEO that. But what does it all mean and why do you need it?


Whilst BTC might be digital gold in the finance world, research data is digital gold in the business world.


The most used CMS is WordPress. Nixus has been working with it since version 2.x and we haven't left.



Nixus knows Google very well. 

We have dropped our Google Partner status because we no longer believe that Google combat click fraud.

Greater Hobart Sole Traders Network

Looking to Network with some local Tasmanian business owners for free? Nixus has started a Facebook Group where all small business owners and sole traders can freely network.