About Nixus

The mission for Nixus is to help small businesses in Tasmania compete against the larger groups.

My Mission

My name is Nick and for the past 10 years I've been an online marketing specialist. I have overall knowledge of the entire digital marketing scope and specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and building websites.

I have combined my two specialties to introduce Nixus.

Nixus is a play on the word Nexus which means “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.”

My goals for creating Nixus is simple, connecting with sole traders inside Tasmania and offering them the same quality product as an agency at a fraction of the cost. 

Website Development Service

Search Engine Optimisation Service

Over 10 Years Industry Experience

A Hobart Local, Good For Meetings

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Flawless incorporation

Seamless management

Data Solutions

Business growth

Growth techniques for expanding sales from previous customers.

Email marketing

Email Direct Marketing and Lead Capture from Landing Pages.

The Nixus Skillset

It's all good and well to say, web dev this and SEO that. But what does it all mean and why do you need it?

Research Is Key

It's one thing to know your target audience, but knowing your competition is equally as important for any marketing plan. 

I can gather enough data to paint a picture on how a website is performing, for your own or a competitor.

Web Development

Nixus offer a custom solution for every client.

I can build you a custom website from another design, build an eCommerce website for any vertical or even just a simple website you want to rank inside search engines.

I can build on your server provided is passes all the checks, or host you the Nixus Network for a fee. I use servers in Australia so the data doesn't need to leave the country.


Technical SEO

This is essentially foundation work in SEO as an overall module. The fundamentals are Servers and Speed, Crawlability and Data Structure.

Essentially Technical SEO comes from someone that can code and follows the search engine guidelines.

Is There Ongoing SEO?


Link building is an essential task for any SEO. Links act like votes and some votes hold more power than others. Without the votes you have no power.

There is also rank tracking and search data that need to be monitored on a weekly basis.

Greater Hobart Sole Traders Network

Looking to Network with some local Tasmanian business owners for free? Nixus has started a Facebook Group where all small business owners and sole traders can freely network.