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Are you concerned if there is something fishy going on with your internet traffic? There are simple ways to monitor and restrict applications from using the internet without spending hundreds of dollars.

GlassWire for Windows is a network monitoring tool with a firewall. It comes with a free version that has basic firewall options, and a paid version that offers many more features.

Note: This article is not sponsored by Glasswire. I just like it and came across it when looking for a Windows version of Little Snitch (MacOS).

GlassWire provides features such as internet security, bandwidth usage monitoring, remote server monitoring and internet privacy protection.

The network monitoring module allows administrators to monitor current and past network activity by traffic type, application and user’s geographic, all of which are displayed in graphs.

Administrators can click the graph to see application details or network events, such as spikes in network activity.

When you purchase the premium (about $60 Australian per year) GlassWire will also monitor threats, network system file changes, application changes, ARP spoofing, DNS changes and alerts administrators to various problems. The firewall reveals network activities so that administrators can see what current and past servers their computer is communicating with and can block potential threats.

Espressif ESP32 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Chip

Internet-connected devices (IoT) like Wi-Fi lighting, smart plugs (ESP32 Chips) or even your fridge can expose you to numerous security challenges if they don't have the right form of threat protection. GlassWire has a “Things” feature to show you a list of IoT devices connected to your network. If a strange device suddenly joins your system, this feature will take note. 

Another amazing feature that I want to mention is the evil twin attack. Hackers use rogue wireless connections to create evil access points. A cybercriminal can use any internet-connected PC or unlocked smartphone to create evil twins that appear legitimate to your device.

GlassWire can alert you when it spots any new hardware with a similar Wi-Fi name as yours or a sudden Wi-Fi password loss. This can prompt you to activate a kill switch to block all internet traffic.

What About Android?

GlassWire for Android isn't a complicated as it's Windows version. It provides some basic monitoring which is still important for spotting malicious activity and a Local VPN.

GlassWire’s Android VPN is not a VPN that sends all your data to their servers, the app cannot monitor you in any way. Instead, the app is a local VPN on your phone that blackholes the apps you block into your own phone, so they can’t call out.

People like this feature because they can save mobile data, and block spying apps.

GlassWire for Android is about $8 Australian a year and is purchased via the Google Play store.


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