Optimise DNS on your Android Phone

For newer Android phones you can manually change your DNS settings to speed up your internet queries to websites and prevent leaking your DNS to potential hackers.

VPN = (Virtual Private Networks)

Virtual Private Networks in simple terms hide your public IP address assigned to you by your ISP. It will also encrypt your data, which is great for public networks.

A good VPN provider will offer additional services such as Malware Blocking and Advertising Tracking Blocking. If you don't require these additional services and are a little bit tech savvy, you might find a better solution is setting up a firewall or using a travel router with OpenVPN.

Let's say you've chosen a VPN provider and you have installed the VPN's application onto your phone, which will make most of the configurations you require automatically.

When installation is complete, on your Android phone you'll be able to go to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN, tap into the menu and click on the cog to change the settings.

Select Always-on VPN to be on and turn on Block connections without VPN where internet stop if the VPN connection drop. This avoids an IP leak.

DNS = (Domain Name Systems)

Changing your is a safe and common practice, provided you trust the third party DNS provider. Usually when you request a URL your ISP will provide the best possible route to the IP address, but often they will need to hop to a few routers before you hit an ARP table with your request.

Using a public DNS Server such as Google — for example — comes down to speed, not security, where you can reduce your lookup time for websites and they will load a few seconds faster.

For this example I will change the DNS to Google on an Android phone.

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Private DNS where you can just enter dns.google as the URL. “Don’t add the protocol, there is no .com at the end.

You can also see the GUI in your browser by clicking here.

If you require a more secure DNS server, you can always look into Quad9.

Recommended VPN Providers

VPN Provider Recommendations.

  1. NordVPN <- Fastest
  2. ExpressVPN <- Most Popular
  3. ProtonVPN <- Most Secure

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