Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is the address people type into the web browser to access a web server. The web server then renders HTML and CSS to the browser which displays a website.

Yes, we are a reseller of domain names. We provide free basic privacy and we are listed as the domain registrar in the whois information.

The computer code that web browsers use to display a user interface and information.

A computer that holds your website files. There are two main types of server, linux and windows. The sizes of server space is critical for website functionality.

Yes, Nixus Web Solutions has a number of options for web hosting from shared hosting for basic websites to full dedicated servers for web applications and enterprise solutions.

Mostly PHP files which is a server-side language. Other files will be media type content like images. Text is stored inside the database. The majority of web space is filled by WordPress install.

A content management system designed to originally facilitate bloggers. There are two sides to WordPress. The sign-up and get a URL with add-on. This is a restricted platform and you're locked to what offers. Then there is the open source side on, this is open to changes and can serve a lot of different purposes.

Yes, you will receive your own login where you can change most of the text and images. Some content maybe coded into the theme, which can be changed for a fee. WordPress allows user roles, meaning you won't be able to break the website itself.

WordPress is designed to manage content from a database. The themes gives that information displayed some design. A theme is essentially the CSS and framework (layout) of the website, without one your website would look like a poorly formatted Word Document.

These alter the functionality of WordPress allowing it to become almost anything. A plugin is usually licensed.

Technically it depends on your web server, if you have unlimited space then you can have unlimited products. Much like if you could have an external HDD with unlimited space, then you can have unlimited photo's stored on that device.

No, Nixus Web Solutions provides no content creation service. We are happy to suggest local photographers and / or copywiriters.

The system will automatically list your server as suspended and you won't be able to access your website. We use an automatic billing system and don't handle any information.

The domain name will drop and will be free to register for anyone. This is dangerous since nobody will be able to get your domain name back unless you find out who owns it and you threaten legal action against them on business name and trademark terms.

It's an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, it means optimising web content and code structure to fit inside specific search engine and schema databases. This is essential if you want people to find your websites content using a search engine.

You don't need anything to start with, just a website and unique content. From there we can work together to build a more sophisticated strategy.

If you want to be super prepared, start taking pictures of everything related to your work without breaching copyright laws. Don't post them to social media, keep them unique to the internet.

Before links your SEO must be discoverable in search engines. Links help build the authority of the content you're publishing, the result being it will rank higher in search engine result pages.

When you look for a service in Google, let's say a plumber, you would type something like “plumbers hobart” or something more specific like “emergency plumber hobart eastern shore”. These are keywords and your content can be optimised to target these keyword groups.

If you're blogging for the sake of publishing something, usually the content is considered thin, poor quality and having no value. It won't rank and nobody will read it. Using a strategy to write blog posts that target specific keywords like questions does provide search engines with something they an use, and this gives you a good SEO boost. So there are two sides to each coin.

Depends on who you're asking and their quality on work. Websites can cost anywhere between $800 to $30,000 depending on the functionality of the website. Most small business owners could pay up to $3k. Nixus Web Solutions is competitive on pricing, our websites are highly discounted compared to our agency counterparts.