Getting Started

This page will take you through the steps from domain registration to having a complete website.

1) Find Your Domain Name

Nixus Web Solutions is an authorized reseller of domain names.

Use the search bar below to find an available domain name and click purchase.

*Pricing excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

FOR $20.99*

2) Selecting A Web Server

The web server is the computer that holds the files for your website. We build websites using WordPress as the CMS.

Your web host depends on your intention with the website. You can consult with me on which web host will best fit your requirements.

If you're already familiar with web products, you can browse the store.

3) Design Your Website

A website design should fit your industry, show off your brand and services/products whilst allowing future prospects to trust you enough to contact you.

There are a few roads you can go down for web design:

  1. Nixus has a library of pre-built themes ready for editing.
  2. We can design a custom website together, or you can hire a local designer to design your ideal look.

4) Develop Your Website

Once you have a design ready to go, I take over and start building it. I keep you in the loop during the entire process using a Task Management System where you can see my progress at any time and all the project notes plus quotes.

Can't Be Bothered Setting It All Up?

You need to take advantage of the Nixus Web Solution 36 Month payment offer.

It's $59 a month plus a $199 one-time setup fee. You get a domain name, web hosting in Australia, and the web development task completed at the start.

5) Manage Your Website - Ongoing

When your website is live you will be required to edit your content. You will be given your own login to the backend of the website where you're free to edit text and images. Nixus Web Solutions does not provide any copywriting services.

Management Addons include: Web Security and Upgrades monthly package for anyone that doesn't have the time to monitor and run security upgrades themselves. You will be able to purchase this within the client dashboard once you become a Nixus client.

6) Market Your Business - Ongoing

If you built it, they will come… Unfortunately, that movie was a lie. You need to tell people, and search engines, that you exist! And, there is a way to go about it.

Online marketing is like a popularity contest. The more branded citations you have, and the more votes “links” with a good reputation you have, then the more likely you will rank higher in search engines. 

Continuous optimisation involves User Interface and User Experience changes plus the foundation work in SEO such as website architecture and content.

Extra Notes

There is a lot more information and services available to you once you become a client and have access to the dashboard.

I'm not a salesman, and I'm not here to sell you hot air. For most of my services, I'm doing the work myself. Any tasks outside my scope or not within my reach are outsourced and I always give the client an option to manage the outsourced task themselves, or to pay me to do it for them. I offer this solution because a small chunk of clients are account managers themselves and just require someone to do the work, and that's me or my network of specialists.

Kind Regards,