Website Audit

Website Audits are an essential service alongside market research, it is the R&D phase.

It's essential to know how to move forward with a website, as it points out its weak points, where content can architecture can be improved, what security features were ignored, and what details were missed by your previous web developers.

Cheap websites developed in a hurry or created using drag & drop editors are riddled with bugs that search engine bots don't like, to smooth them out requires a lot of work.

This is why Nixus builds website with the intention to SEO them from the start.

A website audit is an extensive report written by a specialist in the field. Nixus Web Solutions covers over 200 ranking signals when writing an audit, and when an error occurs I provide a solution for you to avoid it in the future.

If you're looking for a simple overview of your website, you can use my free website auditor here.