BrightLocal - Local SEO Platform

Grow search visibility

Combine powerful citation tracking and citation building tools to uncover issues, reveal opportunities, and start scaling your local search visibility.

  • Monitor keyword rankings at a city, zip code, and bird’s-eye level.
  • Track rankings across Google and Bing.
  • Create keyword groups to track performance for different products and services.
  • Add multiple locations and report on each.

Get optimal coverage by combining manual submissions and Data Aggregator Networks

As well as manual listings, you can also submit to Data Aggregators Networks to widen your reach at a minimal cost. Data Aggregator Networks push your business information to 100s of business directories, mobile apps, and mapping services worldwide.

  • Let us build new listings for you — we’re fast and cost-effective.
  • We’ll also fix inaccurate existing listings and remove duplicates.
  • Submit to Data Aggregators to reach 1,000S of directories in one go.
  • Starting from just $2 per site.

Grow your customer reviews

Create engaging feedback campaigns that will skyrocket your review numbers.

  • Pick which review sites need a boost.
  • Upload contacts and send review request emails.
  • Customize our templates to match your brand.
  • Create unique links to generate reviews anywhere: via SMS, on printed receipts, in-store, and more.