Hosting & Domain Name

Hosting is also commonly referred to as a web server. This is a computer that is programmed to do specific tasks, like hold and execute web files. These computers all live in one location commonly known as a Data Center. These places can push and pull large amounts of web traffic at one time. Australians are encouraged to use Australia Data Centers, there is no point sending information overseas just to come back again.

Hosting is often billed monthly or yearly, depending on your host provider.

Nixus Web Solutions Provides:

Domain names are names with a specific top level extension, like .com or, which indicate the region of the content being displayed. Australians are encouraged to use domain that end with .au if they're targeting Australians only.

Domain Names are billed yearly, however some domains are billed every second year.

Nixus Web Solutions provides domain name registrations and domain transfers for consolidation.


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