Pre-Built Themes

Often somebody will look at a website and see the overall theme of the website like colour schemes, fonts and pictures. However, when a developer looks at themes they see elements and blocks. To bridge the gap between coder and client I have created a series of elements that the client can choose from. When put together it becomes the overall theme for the website.

To see the elements from Nixus, you will need to contact us for a consultation.

Want to be prepared?

There will be some content you will need to generate for your website. If you want to be prepared for a smooth build of your website then start thinking about building your online resume.

  1. Who are you and what does your business do?
  2. What is it your business is best at?
  3. Where does your business do this service?
  4. When can your business do this service?
  5. Why does your business offer these services?

Answering these simple questions will create enough text for your to start creating your service and about content.